Tourism industry: New consultancy cooperation aims to make tourism business models more sustainable, resilient, and thus more valuable.

 |  The Travel Consulting Group (TTCG)

The Travel Consulting Group (TTCG) and Trepublica agree on a cooperation

Hardly any other industry faces such enormous challenges as the travel industry: not just the impacts of the current Coronavirus crisis, but also the climate crisis, its management and the associated change in awareness of large parts of the population, challenge the industry. Established business models have come under pressure and demand transformation, transparency, developments for the future and new alliances. To support this, The Travel Consulting Group (TTCG) from Frankfurt and Trepublica, the consultancy firm of the former Green Party member of parliament and tourism politician Markus Tressel, have agreed on a cooperation. The goal: more sustainable tourism business models and increased sustainability for the entire industry.

The cooperation brings together experts from across the industry to address the challenges. Jürgen Büchy, partner of the Frankfurt-based TTCG and former President of the German Travel Association, states: “This cooperation is of great benefit to the tourism industry and its entire value chain. We understand the issues our industry is facing, as well as its management, corporate structures and the broader political implications.” Founder and partner of the TTCG, Prof. Dr. Adrian von Dörnberg, former Lufthansa board member, adds: “Tourism transport and mobility in particular is subject to enormous pressures to change and there is a clear need for development in many areas. Together with Trepublica, we address both economic and social requirements. This provides immense value considering the challenges ahead.”

Markus Tressel, longtime tourism policy spokesman of the Green Party and co-founder of the Saarbrücken-based company Trepublica, specialising in analysis, strategy and communication, sees the industry facing major transformations, which need to be actively shaped: “Fundamental social, ecological and economic changes require not only new content and adapted business models, but also new approaches to politics and other stakeholders. Through this cooperation, we want to help turn this change into opportunities for the travel sector and forge new political and social alliances, with high credibility in the areas of tourism, mobility, regional development, ecological transformation, and climate protection. TTCG, with its experience and network in the sector, is an ideal partner.”

The two consultancies emphasise that this good mix of economic, ecological, and political experience will lead to better representation among political and social decision-makers and will also leverage the development potential for products and services.

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