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Business Expertise

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Corporate Travel

The job market is changing. Employee demands are changing. Is the business travel strategy still in line with the company’s goals and culture – does it play an effective supporting role in the “war for talent”, the competition for the best employees?

It is important to reconcile business travel mobility with a good work-life balance and, at the same time, to fulfil the employer’s duty of care.


As specialists, we optimise your operating parameters, your processes, the relationships with your service providers and the entire scope of business travel – from planning and booking to accounting

The business travel process from a single source

  • Digital, fast, efficient, unbureaucratic
  • Design, implementation and realisation of new processes and systems
  • Redesign processes and activities with a “greenfield approach”
  • Your added value – Our practical experience in the global implementation of highly automated travel management processes

End-to-end processes

  • From the travel request, to the booking, to the travel expense report
  • Conceptualisation and global implementation of highly automated and digitalised processes
  • Successful project management for multinationals in over 60 countries

Tender management

  • Analysis of corporate and traveller requirements for business travel
  • Preparation of documents for the tender of your travel budget
  • Evaluation of the offers with benchmark comparisons and support – all the way up to the signing of the contract with your service provider (TMC)

Strategy, conception, implementation
we accompany you all the way

Revenue & Yield Management

The permanent optimisation of the triad “Price-Turnover-Margin” is an ongoing task for every business unit. Under certain conditions, yield and revenue management systems can make a noticeable contribution to optimisation.

Yield Management – the magic formula for increasing yields

  • Managing capacity utilisation, reducing spare capacity and demand overflow
  • Revenue optimisation through the targeted exploitation of willingness to pay
  • Sales management through incentives in times of low demand
  • Dynamic pricing, price review and price adjustment on a data basis that is updated daily

Transparency in market activity

  • Timely, up-to-date information on relevant market events is the basis for fast, qualified management decisions

Implementation from A to Z

  • From the detailed analysis of the existing business processes that are relevant to yield management, to the selection, procurement and implementation of the necessary IT systems and staff training: we accompany you all the way
Rail and mobility

Network and relevant experience as a basis for qualified support

  • A comprehensive network with contacts to all the relevant players in the global rail industry, from railway companies to the supply industry.
  • Extensive experience in the rail IT systems environment, both in passenger transport and in infrastructure and operations
  • Sound product comparisons and evaluations based on an extensive knowledge of all relevant providers in the market, as well as their strengths and weaknesses

We possess extensive and long-standing experience in the global rail industry, and are your contact for all rail and mobility issues:

  • Build business relationships with global or regional rail companies.
  • Investments in companies in the rail and mobility industry.
  • Develop changes and adjustments to a railway company’s business strategy.

Strategy consulting and development of new forms of services – New Mobility –

  • Professional support for all strategic issues in a rail and mobility operational landscape
  • Development and marketing of all types of sharing products, such as ride/car/bike sharing.


Our combined expertise in the travel and tourism industry is unique.

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